Investing Myths (You don't want to fall for!)

Posted by Creekmur Staff on 9:00 AM on May 23, 2022


How do you make investment decisions? Do you look at data? Or look for an interesting opportunity?  Interestingly, most people don't look at facts when making decisions. They prefer a good story.1

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Bad Money Habits to Break

Posted by Creekmur Staff on 7:45 AM on February 26, 2019

Behaviors worth changing.

Do bad money habits constrain your financial progress? Many people fall into the same financial behavior patterns, year after year. If you sometimes succumb to these financial tendencies, now is as good a time as any to alter your behavior.

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Save & Invest Even If Money Is Tight

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 7:45 AM on August 21, 2018

For millennials, today is the right time.

If you are under 30, you have likely heard that now is the ideal time to save and invest. You know that the power of compound interest is on your side; you recognize the potential advantages of an early start.

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