August Market and Economic Update

Posted by Drew Creekmur, MSPFP on 1:48 PM on September 11, 2023

Markets took a breather from the summer rally as major indices pulled back in August.

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July Market and Economic Update

Posted by Drew Creekmur, MSPFP on 3:46 PM on August 7, 2023

Stocks continued to have fun in the sun as markets extended their summer rally.

Broadly positive sentiment throughout the month helped major US indices climb higher. Small-cap stocks led the way for the second straight month with the Russell 2000 soaring 6.06%. Powered by stronger-than-expected earnings and improving economic data, the Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and S&P 500 posted gains of 4.05%, 3.41%, and 3.30% respectively. The Dow even decided to party like it was 1987, logging its longest winning streak in decades with 13 consecutive positive days.

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How Much Are Markets Really Up in 2023?

Posted by Drew Creekmur, MSPFP on 12:03 PM on June 7, 2023

Coming off one of the worst years in recent history, it’s no question 2023 has been a better year for the markets so far than 2022. Overall, we’ve seen a positive skew among most asset classes, compared to mostly negative data last year. However, as is often the case, not everything is up equally. But it may come as a surprise as to the significant discrepancy between the leaders and laggards this year, a situation that can make being a smart, well-diversified investor frustrating in the short-term.

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Social Security Claiming Checklist

Posted by Andrew Pisel on 12:17 PM on March 30, 2023


Social Security plays a major role in cash flow for retirees and we will help you understand how the benefits work and what you should do before you start claiming Social Security. A married couple could have over 70+ different ways to claim Social Security! In order to maximize a major cash flow for your retirement it is key to understand your options. This checklist will help you ensure that you are maximizing your benefits and will help lower stress levels going into this decision.

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Tips for Women Investors

Posted by Stacy Creekmur on 1:48 PM on March 13, 2023

At Creekmur Wealth Advisors we have learned that everyone benefits from having a financial plan in place. Our financial planning and investing process is well established to help individuals and couples define and progress toward their own unique goals. This process is effective for men and women. However, there are some unique situations that make financial planning for women even more important.

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3 Steps To Help you Accomplish your Goals

Posted by Andy Anderson, CFP® on 4:25 PM on December 29, 2022


2022 has been a year for the record books in many ways - The financial world and investment markets have experience numerous record breakers, and many of those have not been good. Even in a year like this with lots of negative noise and news, we still want to stay on track toward our financial goals. As a financial advisor, there are several key steps I recommend that every one should consider each year.

3 Simple Steps to Stay on Track Toward your Goals!

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10 Events That Drove 2022

Posted by Connor Creekmur, MBA on 9:00 AM on December 12, 2022

World events that impacted this year.

"Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it." 
Winston Churchill

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Your Year-End To-Do List 2022

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 1:34 PM on November 14, 2022

Before you start on your holiday to-do list, check these financial to-do's!

Experience tells us that those who run through these items annually are well set up to reach financial goals in the new year!

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How Being Average Can Help You Thrive!

Posted by Connor Creekmur, MBA on 3:58 PM on November 10, 2022

Volatility is a word that we have heard a lot this year. Here are 5 Tips to help you survive & thrive in any financial environment.

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What Kind of Gifts Are You Giving This Year?

Posted by Nicole Geraci, CFP®, AWMA® on 3:22 PM on November 4, 2022

As we head  inch closer to the holiday season, the thought of giving before year end comes to mind. 

There are many reasons why you might consider making charitable gifts each year - and even more worthy organizations to give to. There are also many ways for you to give. The first way people generally think to give is with a cash donation.

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