Countdown to College - How to Prepare During Each Year of High School

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 9:00 AM on August 24, 2021

Best ways to prepare for college during each year of high school.

As a parent, of course you want to give your child the best opportunity for future success, and for many, attending college is part of that opportunity. If you have a high school student, it's time to start preparing them for their college years. Ideally, you have been saving funds to pay for education, but, if not, now if the time to begin serious planning for how your family plans to cover college costs. Today, the average college graduate owes $37,731 in debt, while the average salary for a recent graduate is $49,785.1

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Get Your FAFSA Ready

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 11:12 AM on August 27, 2020

The application window for federal student loans opens on October 1.

Mark this date on your calendar: October 1. That is the day when current and future traditional college students can start submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2021-22 school year. For many students, the FAFSA is frequently the gateway to significant financial aid: federal and state student loans, grants, university scholarships, and work-study programs.1

FAFSAs should be sent in as soon as possible. The closer to “opening day” (October 1) you can do it, the better. Some states offer aid on a first-come, first-serve basis, and some universities set fall deadlines for financial aid requests.1,2

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Filling Out The FAFSA

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 10:42 AM on October 10, 2018

There is really no reason to wait.

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