True Wealth Values - Are you distracted by the squirrels?

Posted by John Creekmur, MBA, CFP® on 9:00 AM on April 14, 2021
John Creekmur, MBA, CFP®

One of my favorite movies of all time is UP. The story is about an older man who is on a journey to save his property from developers who want to tear down his beloved home. At one point in their travels this gentleman and his boy scout companion encounter a talking dog.

This dog had a special collar that helped him speak his thoughts and so he rambled on and on until suddenly he got distracted – “Squirrel!” If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t ruin the ending – it’s a good one! – but I will tell you that I identify with that dog. I’m often easily distracted by inconsequential things much like dogs are with squirrels!

In my job I get to hear stories from so many people. Over the years when people would come into our office they would talk about the important things in their lives – the people they love, those who have impacted them, the places that are dear to their hearts, and the organizations that they value. But I've noticed over the past number of months, the stories have changed a bit. It seems that there have been a lot of squirrels running around distracting us from what is truly important.

Recently, the focus of conversations has turned to taxes, politics, volatility, and pandemic. People's attention has been distracted from the things that are most important to them. Instead, they’re spending more time on social media – dashing off comments and replies to posts they don’t agree with. Other folks recently have become distracted by the returns in their accounts.

Have you become distracted by all the noise in our world over the past months? Have your eyes turned away from the things that are most important to you, and instead you’re focused on the squirrel that’s really just a distraction? If that’s you, then maybe you’ll join me in resetting our focus.

How do you define True Wealth? What are the things in your life that money cannot buy? Are your finances properly aligned to allow you to live according to your values?

Take a few minutes to refresh your focus today. What are the three most important areas in your life? What are you doing to demonstrate how much you value those things? Don’t let the squirrels keep you from living your life focused on all the things that are most important to you.

We would love to sit down and talk with you about how you might want to arrange your financial life to help you live according to your True Wealth values.

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