True Wealth Values - Live with a Spirit of Gratitude

Posted by John Creekmur, MBA, CFP® on 1:00 PM on March 24, 2021
John Creekmur, MBA, CFP®

Human nature is so interesting! I love to watch people, and I love to see their reactions as they are going through life. When they’re at Walmart (that’s interesting!) Out grocery shopping. With family. As you observe people in various situations you see all types of emotions and reactions.

Have you ever watched a small child who is tired and hungry, but their physical response is to scream? Have you noticed their parent trying to navigate that situation as they are also trying to do whatever it is they need to do? Observing people in any situation can just be a great study in human nature!

Once of the things I have noticed is that as people evaluate the circumstances of their lives and think about the current moment, the human mind naturally gravitates toward negative thoughts rather than positive. It seems so easy to think about what we don’t have. It’s easier for our minds to think about what we “shoulda, coulda, woulda” done rather than having a spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude.

People often ask me how they can live the life they want to live. Or, how they can accomplish certain goals or financial milestones. After working with thousands of people for over thirty years I have come to realize regardless of what we accomplish financially, it is worthless unless without a spirit of gratitude. Living with an attitude of thanksgiving in our minds, hearts, and actions is the key to all we accomplish.

If we don’t figure out how to be grateful, it doesn’t matter what the balance sheet says. It doesn’t matter what your 401(k) balance is, what kind of house or vehicle you own. Vacations and travel won’t matter. Without a spirit of gratitude we go through life empty and sad.

Thankfulness is the foundation of a joyful life. Those who have that grateful spirit seem to also have joy along with it! So, if we want to enjoy the financial accomplishments in our lives, we have to live with a spirit of gratitude. Growing a grateful spirit is pretty simple – every single day, think of the things you can be thankful for. And, as you make your list for today, enrich yourself by thinking of the next day, and all you will have to be grateful for tomorrow.

Regardless of circumstances, we all have so much that we can be thankful for. This spirit of gratitude is what allows you to live out your life, centered on your values, and focused on the things that are most important to you.

Gratitude is the secret ingredient to living a truly wealthy life.

Today’s challenge – being your list. What are you thankful for? Make today the day you start to live with a spirit of gratitude.

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