What to expect during your first meeting at Creekmur Wealth.

Posted by Creekmur Wealth Advisors on 1:35 PM on October 21, 2020


You've done it! You've scheduled your introductory meeting with a financial advisor. You're taking control of your financial future, but you have a lot of questions about what happens next. Rest assured, you're not alone. We have found that many of the people who talk to a Creekmur Wealth advisor  for the first time weren't sure what to expect, how much to share, or even what documents they should provide. Whether this first conversation happens on the phone, in one of our offices, or by video meeting, we want you to feel comfortable and understand what to expect.

We know that each individual and family have a unique situation, but over the years we have established a framework for our introductory conversations that helps us learn more your current situation and your goals for the future.

We understand that it may seem intimidating to share your personal financial history with a person you don't know well, but it might help to view this meeting as you would a consultation with your physician. Although you are not obligated to share with us, the more honest & direct you are at your first meetings,  the more effectively we will be able to prepare recommendations that will help you move toward your goals.

Prepare for your meeting by thinking about how you would answer questions like these:

  • What's important about money to you? or What would you like your money to do for you?
  • When would you like to retire? And what does "retirement" look like to you?
  • What has been your past experience with financial planners or advisors?
  • What is your current financial situation?
    • Debt & Emergency Fund
    • Budget
    • Income & Investments
    • Risk & Insurance

Organize your documents We will ask you to provide the documents that we will need to put together a high-quality financial plan designed to address your unique needs. This would include the following as appropriate for your situation:

  • Most recent tax return
  • Investment statements (IRA, Roth IRA, TSA, 401k etc.)
  • Corporate Retirement Plan Information
  • Bank statements (Savings, CD, Money Market etc.)
  • Social Security Benefit statement or estimated payment statement
  • Insurance Policy/statements – Life, Disability, Long-Term Care
  • Estate Planning Information – will, trust
  • Most recent pay stubs

Before your meeting you will receive an email confirmation from our office. Not only will we be confirming the details of your meeting time and location, but there will also be a link to a secure online questionnaire for you to complete. It includes just a few questions to give us some information about why you have scheduled this first meeting. You can use this portal to securely upload any documents that you would like to share with us.

Getting ready for this meeting may seem like a lot of effort before you even get started, but over the years we have learned that a successful first meeting sets the tone for a successful long-term client/advisor relationship. There's nothing we enjoy more than the professional satisfaction of seeing our clients accomplish the goals that they establish. We're excited to begin that journey with you.

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