Annuities 302: The Way We Do Annuities


Welcome to our last piece in our annuity series! Today we’re going to get into some very applicable information: how Creekmur Wealth does annuities and why we use them. We recommend that you have the 201, 202, and 203 handouts handy while you read this in case you need a refresher on how each type of annuity works.


The True Wealth Difference

When it comes to annuities, it is our mission to put you and your true wealth goals first. We facilitate plans that fit your goals and needs. This may mean that an annuity does not fit your individualized goals and if that is the case, we will not recommend an annuity to you. Sometimes, an annuity can help meet those goals and needs; we try to maximize the utility of an annuity to optimize your benefit from holding it. Here’s how we do that:

First, we generally do not recommend that you annuitize your annuity. Remember, annuitizing stops the growth in your annuity and starts the payment series. However, you can also take money out in the growth stage—it’s just limited. We like to maintain limited liquidity and flexibility and leaving your annuity in the accumulation stage gives us those abilities. Since we can still pull money out during the growth period, through penalty-free withdrawals or utilizing an income rider, your income stream is still provided.

Secondly, we evaluate annuities with your true wealth goals in mind. We look for annuities from reliable companies, who place the customer first when designing the annuity contract. At Creekmur Wealth, we find annuities with low fees, so you aren’t taking out more for fees than you are gaining from your interest earnings. We analyze the structure of prospective annuities and ensure we completely understand what you’re paying for, how you’re paying for it, and what you’re gaining from the annuity. Additionally, we seek to utilize annuities that are going to provide the most efficient growth potential for your hard-earned dollars. We want to find the annuity that best suits your needs.

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Creekmur and Annuities

So, now that you know our ‘general rules’ for annuities, let’s dive deeper into how we use the different types of annuities. Each one needs to be used differently, because they all fulfill a different goal or need.


Fixed Annuities

We use this category of annuity to help provide protection of principal for our more risk averse clients. Fixed annuities’ interest earnings have the potential to keep pace with inflation, so purchasing power isn’t lost. A fixed annuity can also be more attractive when interest rates are rising, because the guaranteed interest rates can be higher during those time periods. Generally, a smaller portion of a client’s overall retirement assets may be allocated to a fixed annuity. This is done to help ensure that the overall retirement plan outpaces inflation, lowers market risk, and ensures that the client’s goals are met in the most efficient manner possible.


Variable Annuities

At the current time, we typically do not recommend variable annuities to any of our clients. The reason for this is that certain fixed index annuities can address the same goals and needs of those usually found in variable annuities, but with lower fees and less risk. This change is due largely to the fact that the annuity market has evolved in recent years, meaning that lower risk and lower fee products are more readily available to help meet our clients’ goals than in years past.


Fixed Index Annuities

Annuities that fall under this category have quite a variant array of uses. We use fixed index annuities to help manage the risk in your retirement portfolio and we use them for income planning. Clients who are concerned about needing long-term care can purchase a long-term care rider that can help assist with the costs of nursing home living.

Another situation in which fixed index annuities may provide for a goal or need that’s a little bit more different than the others we’ve named here is as a form of life insurance. For those with pre-existing conditions or health issues, life insurance can be very expensive, with higher premiums. Sometimes, these clients can use a fixed index annuity with a death benefit rider as a form of life insurance that may be more cost effective.


Wrapping Up 

The most important thing to remember here is that everyone’s situation is different. Our purpose is to find you products that best suit your true wealth goals. An annuity may, or may not, be the right fit for you. Come and talk to us. Ask us about annuities, or any financial product, and we will help you understand our answers. Creekmur Wealth wants to help educate, encourage, and empower you and your True Wealth.

Annuities are insurance contracts designed for retirement or other long-term needs.  They provide guarantees of principal and credited interest, subject to surrender charges. Annuity guarantees and protections are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing insurer. Riders are generally optional and have an additional cost.

This is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as the basis for any financial decisions. Be sure to speak with qualified professionals before making any decisions about your personal situation. 

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